• Mollie Fawcett-Fowles

Lost techniques -Textile, Knit and hand sewing among historical fishing communities in Britan.

Updated: May 25

Three Scottish herring girls knitting whilst waiting for the arrival of the fishing fleet at Great Yarmouth in England, 1929.

Back in the 1920s on the Aran Islands and other fishing communities along the British coast, many of the men were fishermen by trade and, out of necessity to combat the cold and tough conditions of the sea, the women handmade their husbands aran sweaters to keep them warm, hence the name fisherman sweaters we're all familiar with today.

As a tribute to these historic knits; the collection of knitted garments are made using reworked vintage cable/ aran knits.

Using visible mending techniques, patch-working and a selection of decorative stitches the jumpers have been been given a new life using embroidery techniques.

Visible mending techniques working into cable knits. Blanket stitch, cross stick and patchwork. Designer - Mollie Fawcett

Through patchworking new pieces of knit over areas which have been torn and damaged the jumper is now functional and saved from going to waste. Contrasting stiches adding colour and new life to the jumper. Some pieces even acting as pockets such as on the sleave.

The 'Aran' reworked. Over sized boyfriend sweater. Location - Mothecombe, Devon. Designer - Mollie Fawcett. Photographer - Hannah Smallpage.

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