• Mollie Fawcett-Fowles

Upcycled 'Tyneside' Trench' -A tribute to the Barbour jacket.

Updated: May 25

Once a jacket that would keep all the sailors, and fishermen dry using a waxing technique traced back to the 15th century. The Barbour jacket is a large piece of history amongst fishing communities. 'When John Barbour founded J. Barbour & Sons, South Shields was a busy port in the North East of England. As such there was a big demand from Barbour for clothing that would keep all the sailors, fishermen dry.' (Barbour Limited 2022).

The process of manipulating fabric to make it weatherproof is traced back to the 15th century. Mariners used to oil and grease their heavy sailcloth and create makeshift weatherproof capes when out at sea to keep the winds and driving rain.

Barbour 1944

This design, a tribute to the Barbour jacket, is a sustainable trench coat made using 5 upcycled Barbour jackets. The coat is also linned with reworked knits, a reflection on the importance of knitwear when looking back at the historic fishing communities such as the Aran and Gurnsey islands . Inspired by the trench coat; a classic British silhouette.

Tyneside' Trench' Location - Mothecombe, Devon. Designer - Mollie Fawcett. Photographer - Hannah Smallpage.

Old Photograph Fisherman Birsay Orkney Scotland

The design process - Drapes , collage and sketching to inforn the upcycled coat.

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